It has been awhile since I’ve felt like writing. We were in a sick fog that started Christmas Eve and didn’t seem to end until February was almost over. We hardly took a breath and suddenly John had to get his appendix removed. Then the baby is teething…or constipated…or both.  All of this during a time when life was already feeling so bleh, blah, [insert your own gross sounding word here]. One of my favorite writers, Jen Hatmaker, referred to it recently as “the doldrums” and I could not have summed it up better. Add to it that winter has, and is continuing, to remain in Minnesota for 2 months longer than most of us would like. Forecasts of snow continue at the end of April and frankly, it just bums me out. I read a blog today about a family who cannot meet the needs of a child they prayed for and eventually adopted who are coming to terms with having him live elsewhere. I read about the wife of the Boston bomber who worked 70-80 hours a week to support her family, which includes a 2-year old daughter, and now has to face the reality of their life…and future. I have things going on in my own life that are creating a constant lump in my throat, weight on my chest, and ache in my heart. And the shootings….so many shootings. One today, even…5 people dead. I’ve never been a news follower and clearly, it has snuck into my life and consumed me with its harshness. This is why I haven’t written – I don’t have anything good to say about any of it. And I’m a Christian – I should have a hopeful word to offer…but I just don’t right now.

So, I’m challenging myself to take a different approach. I am going to change my focus (damn you, Bring Me the News, for entering my Facebook newsfeed!). Not only will I pray fervently for hope, I’m going to take some action. I’m going to decorate!!!

Room renovation is a passion of mine. Recently, I’ve let things remain unfinished because I’ve felt overwhelmed by all the projects, I’m taking 16 credits, my house is always a mess, I have two kids, we can’t afford it, and the list goes on….

But, as I’ve reflected on elements of my dissatisfaction and focused on what I love, I’ve decided on no more dumb excuses. I’m doin’ what I love because I want to – how healthy! There is nothing that pleases me more than a good before and after picture. Stay tuned…

A few of “Before” Photos of our Master Bedroom….it might be the most “fine” thing I’ve every seen.