If you’ve been keeping up with us (which isn’t too difficult, seeing as I post about once a month…or, let’s keep it real here…much less), you’ll know that in my last post, aside from a bit of doom and gloom, I was filled with sheer anticipation and utter joy about tackling a room makeover in our Master Bedroom.  Well, folks, that was then, this is now.  The bin that I purchased to hold our decorative pillows whilst we were sleeping (so that they didn’t end up on the floor – you see, I had it all worked out back then) is currently filled with clothes, meaning the decorative pillows are where, you may ask? They are on the floor. Ever heard of boomerang tasks? I’m not sure if she coined the phrase but Gretchen Rubin discusses these phenomena in her book The Happiness Project.  Boomerang tasks are those annoying “to-do’s” that you tackle only to realize that they require additional work or further investigation or more time or, as is the case of our currently stalled bedroom project, follow through on the part of another. In reference to the very cute bin I purchased to hold the decorative pillows, the boomerang part is that, because the pillows don’t even remotely fit in the bin, I should really take the bin back, which would require me to find the receipt and be within the return timeframe. Boomerang. But I think it’s really cute and it’s probably too late and so now I put clothes in it instead of hanging them in my closet which puts me back to where I was before I started the room makeover project…with things on the floor.

The biggest reason for a makeover in our room was empty walls. We’ve never had anything hanging on our walls in our bedroom, except maybe a wedding picture at one point (and John has this thing about decorating with wedding pictures, even if they are awesome, which ours were). Several months ago (and I mean several), I purchased a couple of pictures from Etsy to hang in our room.  I thought 10×13 would be cool and different. Problem being, I don’t own any 10×13 frames…they aren’t as readily available in stores….and they are expensive.  Well, I happened to stumble upon a local “store” online that refurbishes old furniture, wood, antiques, and “junk” to make it usable. I recently found out that they call this “upcycling”. I’d also like to call it “trendy”. Anyway, this person was going to make me frames out of window panes. It was going to be awesome. Until he (or she…or they) literally fell off the face of the earth. All of our corresponding was on Facebook, including “we should have this done Thursday” and other various statements that lead me to believe I would end up with some sort of finished product in hand at some time soon (namely, Thursday). But at a certain point, the conversation turned one-sided and then it was just me…”I’ve tried to contact you a few times…wondering where you are with this project” and the crickets. So, I’m back to the beginning on decorating my walls. This boomerang falls into a greater realm of boomerangs that accompanies my desire to create a “custom” look. I could go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and purchase an entire bed set with coordinating curtains, rug, and wall décor. It’s possible. It also goes against something deep inside of me. I want a room that’s like me – complex, multi-dimensional, and flawed. This room also doesn’t take itself too seriously. Is that possible? Or is it possible I’m taking this whole thing a bit too seriously? Either way, the room ain’t done. Boomerang.