Meet Us

My husband John and I started Welcome Home Productions in 2007 after realizing our mutual love for fixing up houses.  Much of this came from actual experience flipping a rental John owned in Winona, MN and fixing up our own first home (a very outdated foreclosure – the living room was bubble gum pink!) but there were also some lazy Saturdays watching marathons of house flipping shows on cable that made us think, “hey, we could do that”.  John and I met in college, establishing an instant connection when we discovered that we grew up in not just the same city (Woodbury, MN) but the same neighborhood (Royal Oaks).  The connection was almost lost when John declined the lime flavored tortilla chips I offered him during that first meeting (who doesn’t love lime chips??) but I’ve since converted him to the lime side, so we’re all good.  After 5 years of friendship, we started dating and got married.  You can see our story (minus most of the drama) here.

After renting for a year in one of our favorite St. Paul neighborhoods, John and I purchased our first home in an equally charming but much more affordable part of St. Paul.  It was during this time that we began to envision a business that incorporated our deep love for old St. Paul houses and a desire to renovate them to maximize their potential.  Because selling houses became difficult around the same time, we decided to start as property managers, renting out our first home and moving into a triplex we had purchased and renovated.  Since then, we’ve purchased and manage several of our own rental properties throughout St. Paul and John assists in managing properties for other owners as well.  In 2012 John left his full-time job working in commercial building repair to pursue a career as a Realtor and property manager for our own brokerage: Welcome Home Productions.  Our business is based on building relationships and valuing each person we work with – every interaction we have with our clients and tenants is part of a greater story and we don’t take that lightly.

Since entering into wedded bliss, John and I have added two little gals to our brood: Jemma (4), a strong willed, social, hostess with the mostess, who has a flair for make-believe and Ruby (1), who is all sweetness, adorable noises and smiles (the BIGGEST smiles) until she cries. Since we consider this a family affair, John and I can’t wait until the day we can put paint brushes in our girls’ hands and welcome them to the team.