Here comes the blog…

This isn’t my first go in the old blogosphere. I started, named, and contributed to a blog I never invited anyone to read. This blog could have started a month or so ago but I came up with a million excuses as to why I couldn’t start it, the main one being that our website wasn’t done. Well folks, today’s a big day in lots of ways. The Welcome Home Productions website is officially live and I am writing my first real blog post for others to read.  I promise they won’t all be this long (…famous last words).

It’s interesting, as I reflect on the business John and I started almost 6 years ago, more than becoming an LLC, getting our first “paycheck,” or picking our name and logo, our website is the thing that makes me feel the most legit as a business owner.  Sign of the times, I guess.  I have high expectations for this website…as in, I think it has the potential to change the course of our lives.

But first, a little background.  My husband John and I are what I like to call kindred spirits.  We felt it the minute we met and the energy and specialness of our connection still presents itself from time to time, though 6 years of marriage and two children (bless their little hearts) have perhaps caused our spark to fizzle a bit.  We have rare blissful moments but mostly we struggle to find balance…to connect…to thrive in the day to day.  These variables have taken their toll on our relationship and our ability to work together as partners, as parents, and in effectively maintaining our home.

I am much of the problem.  I remember reading an excerpt from a bible study last spring where the author described herself as “tending toward the morose.”  I found this funny because for one, I can sort of relate, but also because it’s really just a fancy way of saying she’s most likely a bit of a depressed person, a Negative Nancy (no offense, Nancy’s), if you will.  If I had a flowery term for myself, it would be “insatiable”…which really just means I am constantly unsatisfied…unsettled…discontent.  I hate this about myself.  If I was a scientist or professor, this quality might be to my benefit as I would not be able to rest until I mastered the algorithm for how cancer cells quantify (I don’t even know what I’m saying).  But as a stay at home mom who isn’t always good at staying at home or being a mom, this quality…well, totally sucks.  Add to this, I live with an eternal optimist who is, in all circumstances, content.  While in this moment I am actually quite contentedly listening to good Christmas music, which makes everything right with the world, on a typical day, in an average moment, I’m critical, cynical, and often times wrought with anxiety.  It’s no wonder we struggle to thrive.

When John and I began to talk about him leaving his job to pursue real estate sales and  property management full-time, I saw it as one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities…like that time between high school and college where some people take a year off and travel (why didn’t I do that???).  Not only did it seem to be an opportunity to pursue a mutual long-standing dream (born entrepreneurs, the both of us), it felt like a bit of a do-over for our family.  We’ve never been a typical 9-5 family with our evenings and weekends free to do as we please.  I’ve often had jobs that require me to work in the evenings and/or weekends and John has always had work to do for our rentals or for real estate clients.  All this to say, the Pecchias are known by others as being spread too thin and by each other as being inconsistent and without routine. No cleaning day, no normal dinner hour, no lazy Sundays.  With John now doing full-time what he was previously doing during all of his free-time, it felt like we were given a precious opportunity to create some structure and balance in our lives.  As the excitement for all of this began to build, a similar enthusiasm was growing for even greater ideals, like being a generous family, a family that serves, an environmentally friendly family, a family that does not hoard.  So, this culmination of variables has led me to this blog…this declaration of change for our family.  Throughout this week, I’ll be sharing with you the ways in which we are making changes.  Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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