What’s Your Story

I am John Pecchia, President of Welcome Home Productions, a full service residential real estate brokerage.
A little over a year ago, I left my day job working Maintenance for Crossroads Properties to begin my brokerage in a full-time capacity. I split the brokerage into two parts, Real Estate Sales and Property Management.
While this may sound surprising, and I could not have predicted it, I was not finding much pleasure in the property management business. I made the decision in June to ramp down the management side of my business. I currently manage only a couple units aside from the properties that I personally own.
I did not make this decision because I was tired of being my own boss, sick of being entrepreneurial, bored by drumming up marketing campaigns, or uninterested in running a real estate brokerage. NO, in fact, I was finding the other part of my brokerage to be a blast – selling real estate as a Realtor. I was able to help over 20 groups successfully close on the buying or selling of their homes by the end of my first year. I’m having fun! I mean, I am getting the chance to know my clients deeply! I am watching them make huge financial decisions comfortably, as I work alongside them. And in only 1 year I have heard more great life stories than I could’ve imagined.
Let me give you a few brief examples of some of these stories…I’ll use initials to respect the privacy of my clients.
There are K & G, a couple in their first years of retirement. They had raised their family in their Woodbury home and were ready to move into their lake home in Wisconsin. We closed the sale of their home on their wedding anniversary, which was not planned and it made for a very special day.
There are S & N, a couple who just about gave up their search for their dream home. We saw as many houses as were available to see and there was nothing that was just right for them. A month after they had decided on waiting to buy, we found the perfect house! It went into multiple offers, and we got it, over 6 other offers! S & N were not totally prepared for what was going to happen on closing day, but they could not have been happier – they had their second child hours after closing!
Then there is S. She had to sell her late mother’s house on Lake Owasso. This home had been in the family for 5 generations. It sold quickly and she is so happy to have closure and move onto the next chapter of her life, being a proud grandmother.
T. She was an intense researcher online and as a result, we only had to see 2 homes. The first home was not right for her. When she walked into the kitchen of the next home, she fell down and started crying. No joke, she literally started crying, she loved the kitchen that much. It was nice, I mean I wasn’t crying, but, she loved everything about it and I was fortunate enough to witness the feeling of joy when someone finds the “right fit”!
J & B. They bought this house a few years ago in Saint Paul and leased it to M and her family, Karen refugees. They did not cash flow on the monthly rent, they charged her the mortgage payment and that was all. In a very successful attempt to help this family in home ownership they sold the house to them for $50,000. The home could have sold for much more on the open market but instead, it allowed someone, not otherwise able to do so, experience the pride in owning her own home.
Then there is C. C and her fiancé found their dream home. In order to get this home, C had to first sell her home. I listed the home for her and we were not getting any offers on the house. A month went by and her hopes of getting into her dream home were looking grim. I was doing everything I knew how to do to get this house sold, meeting neighbors, sending postcards, holding open houses, and prospecting agents who had clients searching this specific demographic. After a month, there was finally an offer, It was a terrible offer, but I used it as leverage and was able to get another group interested enough to write a great offer! We accepted and lined up the closing of C’s house on the same day that she was closing on her dream home, 2 hours apart. Now she is happily planning her wedding and looking forward to the big day.
D & N. Their kids have grown and now have children of their own, making D & N extremely proud grand parents. The only problem was they lived in Woodbury and their children and grand children lived in CA. Together, we sold their home, and I helped them pack up their final belongings before they made the move to California. No house in CA, no lease signed. They just drove and decided to make those decisions once they got there!
These are just a handful of the stories that I have been so grateful to have witnessed over this last year. It is my hope that as you are reading you are seeing examples of how I do not, will not, and cannot view my clients as numbers on a spreadsheet. I am in a business that has been harmed by a small handful of over zealous manipulators; please allow me to right this wrong by sending me your referrals as a Realtor. You can know that I or any other agent Welcome Home Productions hires will be ethical in business practice and make every effort to make your referral feel cared about and prioritized.
My company stands out as one that cares, listens, and joins our clients exactly where they are.
Our name is Welcome Home Productions; we see it like this… Your life is a production, Your home is the stage. Now let me ask you, what’s your story?
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